Dec.10 MRC2 Seminar: Susan J. Sumner

Susan J. Sumner
Dec 10 2015 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Cure Room (5050 Brehm Tower), 1000 Wall Street, Ann Arbor

Susan J. Sumner, PhD

Metabolomics: Maternal and Child Health

Join the Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core (MRC2) for its fifth seminar of 2015. Dr. Susan J. Sumner, Director of Systems and Translational Sciences at RTI International, will present "Metabolomics: Maternal and Child Health."

Susan Sumner is working to make personalized medicine a reality. Using metabolomics, the unique chemical fingerprints that cellular processes leave behind, Sumner assesses differences in the metabotype of individuals that correlate with states of wellness or disease. Her team is identifying biomarkers for the early detection and diagnosis of disease to monitor therapeutic treatments and to provide insights into biological mechanisms.

Dr. Sumner is the director of the Systems and Translational Sciences Center in the Discovery Sciences Division at RTI, and director of the NIH Eastern Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core (RTI RCMRC). The RTI RCMRC works with the NIH Common Fund Metabolomics Consortium that includes the MRC2 to establish nationwide standards that provide consistency in metabolomics data collection and provide quality data for storage in a central data repository and coordinating center.

Dr. Sumner serves on the editorial boards for Metabolomics, the Journal of Applied Toxicology, the Journal of Toxicology, and the RTI Press, and is an adjunct faculty member in the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, and the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.